Vehicle Maintenance

Obviously, when considering driving an old car across the country, one thinks a lot about vehicle maintenance.  Coincidentally, lots of people ask us how hard it is to do maintenance on the car.

Fortunately, there plenty of resources out there to help us keep the cars running in tip-top shape.  Here, for example, is the Ford Manual:


After reading through this booklet, it became evident to us that we really didn’t need to be too concerned with maintenance because it appears to be pretty straight forward.  Here, for example, are the instructions on removing a connecting rod (a fairly important component of the engine):


Of course, this “knocking in the engine” assumes the engine has been started and is actually running.  Let’s see what the manual says about starting the car.  (One of our cars has a starter and one of them does not):


So for those asking how hard it is to maintain the car…let’s just get them started first.

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