Today (Monday) we arrived in Bakersfield, where our cars have been patiently waiting for us since early April.

We shipped the cars out here from the east coast on a lift of opportunity when another group of cars from the Horseless Carriage Club Of America were headed out to CA for the annual board meeting and tour of Yosemite. Our cars were dropped off in Bakersfield where some extremely gracious hosts offered to store the cars in an airplane hangar.

The reunion with our cars was fantastic. The cars, being covered in dust and with spider webs from the floor to fenders and seats to ceiling were like perfect barn finds of days gone by. But after checking fluid levels and tire pressures, they fired right up.

We weren’t ready to pack the cars for the trip yet but we certainly wanted to drive them a bit, so what better way other than teaching our landlords how to drive a Model T?

Susan and her daughter-in-law Amanda at the controls after learning how to drive the T

Tomorrow, we’ll finish the tuning and preparations, shop for the things we didn’t want to send out on the cars or bring with us on the commercial flights out to CA, and finish packing. We’ll plan on setting out on Wednesday morning.

11 thoughts on “Reunion”

    1. Hi George,
      The wood is newer but correct. Not 108 years old, if that’s the question.
      I had my rear wheels replaced about 6 years ago. The Amish make great fellows and spokes.


  1. Good Luck and we’re all getting really excited to go along on your trip with you two. Have a safe trip!!

    Have you considered using an ETimer since you will be driving a lot of miles and would then not have to do any maintenance of the timer or the coils and have better performance to boot!


  2. Here’s to your axels staying true and keeping your bearings (roller and mental)

    ….and don’t forget to bring a towel


  3. Will it be possible to share the route when you are done? I’d love to take my 11 touring on such an adventure. Be safe and good luck


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