Oakhurst? Check!

Well folks, we’re in Oakhurst, CA after completing our 189 mile drive from Bakersfield today.  A great day of touring with only a minor delay late in the afternoon due to both cars overheating during a hill climb.  It was definitely a warm day but the real problem was that we needed to climb about 2400 feet, seemingly all at once!  The lesson learned was that we need to take a closer look at the topo maps and elevation profiles on the Google Maps bicycle feature.  Regardless, after letting the cars cool down during the climb, we were on the move again and pulled into Oakhurst late this afternoon.

Such a diverse drive today. The flat, expansive crop fields of the Central Valley, the rolling, golden foothills and the mountain lakes surrounded by rocky cliffs. Tonight we’ll sleep at the southwestern gateway to Yosemite Valley. Incredible!

Cruising right along.

Not a bad place to cool off.

One note: touring in an open car allows you to experience both the sights and smells along your journey. Blooming flowers, mountain air, lake winds or, when the manure spreaders are out, eau d’bouef.

6 thoughts on “Oakhurst? Check!”

  1. What an incredible trip of a lifetime! I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced two trips of a lifetime in the past two years. Wish I was with you! You’ll never forget it. Kudos to you, Jon, and everyone, for planning and carrying out this fantastic adventure !!

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  2. You are about to enter a magical natural world. If you are at a loss to describe it later, suggest consulting the works of John Muir, who knew it better than anyone. Example “My first summer in the Sierra”


  3. So excited to follow you guys on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!! And Nico — good job on your daily log!!


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