Yosemite Valley? Tioga Pass? Mono Lake? Check!

Folks, we made it over Tioga Pass and it…is…beautiful!!!

All went well until the down slope leg into Lee Vining and the ’11 ended up overheating its brakes on an 8% grade, but we managed to work our way through the issue to get safely into camp. Definitely have some brake and clutch work to do in the morning.

More to follow, after we grab some chow.

5 thoughts on “Yosemite Valley? Tioga Pass? Mono Lake? Check!”

  1. I have always wondered a
    What not be going down that famous Grade in a T. It’s scary enough in a modern car. Seems you’re moving pretty good pace. Toulumne meadows is special for my past brother and myself And Lee vining along the creek camping and fishing. You’re in the best of the eastern Sierras. Enjoy


  2. Great work on everyone’s part.
    Henry was with you all the way.
    Plus you will have to buy some parts , which he also would approve of .


  3. I’m so proud of you! You are doing all this without Any Gubmint assistance or oversite👀🏁👅.Continue to march!


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