Day 3 Update: Brake and Clutch Work

Oldest son/nephew/grandson here to update on the brake and clutch work mentioned earlier. We thought we may be able to do some tune-ups and get going with a late start, but the problem turned out to be a bit more severe, and we may be taking a day to fix up the transmission bands. However, if we finish early we may head to Hawthorne, a town on our original route.

Behold, the Model T transmission!

We’d also like to sincerely thank Shelley, Debby, Cory, and the entire family at the Lee Vining Shell for allowing us to use their bay to keep the car out of the hot sun. If you’re ever in Lee Vining, make sure to visit their super friendly and helpful service station.

4 thoughts on “Day 3 Update: Brake and Clutch Work”

  1. As I remember Henry was ahead of his time and increased the band width on later T’s for reasons – well, you know.
    Now onto some more level terrain !


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