Day 3 – Austin

Wait, what?  You guys are in Texas already?  Nah, it’s Austin, NV located right on route 50, also known as the “loneliest highway in America”.

While we’re not taking a highway, we’re sure to be more lonely than the cars on route 50.  Today’s trip takes us on the Reese River Valley Scenic Drive.  You can read more about that drive here but we can expect one or two pretty hearty climbs, a ghost-town or two, dinosaurs, dirt/gravel roads, isolation and one of the nicest drives in Nevada.

They should have bought a Ford.

Today’s entire route can be found here.

One thought on “Day 3 – Austin”

  1. Well, I was hoping for Austin TX 😞. I’m 30 miles south and have tons of T parts available to you. Do ya’ll plan to drive across Texas at any time?
    george house
    Oh, Texas ain’t so very big.
    And across it ain’t so far.
    I just drove from border to
    And only wore out 1 car….


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