Next Stop – Wells, NV

Today’s route continues our journey diagonally through Nevada, with Wells as our destination.  If you look at our proposed route, it appears from a distance that we’ll be jumping onto I-80 between Carlin and Wells but I assure you we’re not.  Here’s a closer look at part of that section of our planned route:

Next to I80

That would be I-80 on the far right, and our path takes along the dirt road on the far left.

By clicking on the above link to our route you’ll also see “Pilot Travel Center”.  Although a couple of us are pilots, and another one wants to be one someday, we’re smart enough to recognize that as a gas station, which is important because it’s the first chance we’ll have in 120 miles to get gas.

To answer your next question, the cars have 10 gallon gas tanks and, when properly tuned and operated, can get about 18 miles per gallon.

Austin, Nevada 89310 to Wells, NV – Google Maps

[Editors note: because of our delayed entry into Austin, we will probably haul up short and spend the night in Carlin, but we’ll see how quickly we can proceed on the dirt, but graded, roads. ]

2 thoughts on “Next Stop – Wells, NV”

  1. Almost as amazing , as it is disturbing , that a vehicle manufactured slightly over 100 years ago , gets almost double the gas mileage (properly tuned) as my Ford F-250 …


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