Logan’s Run

Good morning everyone . Our plan for today called for getting up to Logan, UT but since the great Austin Holdup, and with the police on our tails we’re going to instead aim for somewhere around Snowville, UT. This will be our last day in the Great State of Nevada.  We didn’t know it was the 7th largest state in the union, but we sure do now.

Today’s journey will have us following more dirt roads, including the old railroad bed of the Central Pacific Railway which was part of the first transcontinental railroad.  As such, we’ll try to get to Promontory, UT.  We’ll also be checking out Terrace Cemetery, which we suppose looks like this:

Terrace Cemetery

Not much gas or other civilization between here and there, so if you don’t hear from us within a couple days you can retrace our steps here except we’ll divert to Snowville instead of pressing on to Logan. We figure our longest leg will be about 140 miles between gas stations.

Here’s the PDF version  of our intended route.

6 thoughts on “Logan’s Run”

  1. I doubt you’ll go through Eureka, NV, but if you do, the grocery store across from the Hotel / Saloon is owned by a grandson of one of the original Flying Tigers who flew with Gen. Chenault in China against the Japanese.

    There’s lots of really good memorabilia of The Flying Tigers there, as well as an excellent restaurant.


  2. I don’t suppose you saw the note on the map directions? “Use caution – bicycling directions may not always reflect real-world conditions”. Wonder if that was on the map for yesterday’s route?


  3. Yes , get to see Promintory Utah, golden spike. Trains run everyday.
    I’m sure they’ll let you photograph right in front of them. Please do get a famous photo . Tell them I said it be for the country


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