Utah Part Deux

After taking some of our “leisure” time yesterday to swim in the pool and do maintenance on the vehicles, we’re headed to Utah today and this time we mean it.

We lose an hour heading into Utah (MDT) but the sun doesn’t care and as far as it’s concerned it’ll give us about the same amount of daylight barring any entropic catastrophe.

We figure we’re two days behind where we wanted to be at this point of the trip, but only because we had to make lodging reservations at the national parks well in advance so that was the schedule we were trying to adhere to. However, we’ve been canceling those one day at a time (we had a multi-day reservation window, figuring we’d land there at some point within it) and now that we’re losing interest in keeping a schedule, the trip is becoming even more enjoyable. If you’re sitting at a desk today reading this, you should try it someday.

Spirits are high, supplies are sufficient, and our wanderlust is boundless.

6 thoughts on “Utah Part Deux”

  1. Thanks so much for keeping us updated.
    I have lived in the West all my life and sometimes take it’s beauty for granted.


  2. No schedule ??? NOW YER TALKIN !!! Everything from this point on is about to get even more amazing than it’s already been !!! I’m fairly confident that All of us Folks sitting behind our desks (or other ?) are completely envious of “You All” and your journey , the only real bright spot in my day lately is when I see another ca2vabyt posting , Keep Rockin your way across this great land , and Thank You Very Much for taking us all along with you !!!


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