Off to Ashton

Good morning everyone. We apologize as we thought this post was in the mail but apparently we didn’t add enough postage.

Today we’re off to Ashton, ID. We had a great, peaceful evening on the lakeside, and the raccoons, coyotes, birds, crickets and jumping fish didn’t bother us at all.

We’re stopping for lunch after driving up Arbon Valley, where it appears likely most of us have consumed some of their wheat or potatoes. In the approximate 68 miles we drove getting to our first stop, we might have passed two dozen cars (or they passed us, anyway.)

Today we expect we should be over 1,000 miles down, not quite a third of what we expect for the entire trip.

More this evening when we arrive in Ashton, preparing for our arrival in Yellowstone tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Off to Ashton”

  1. Well,that road certainly looks better than the last picture of the road washed out! Really glad to see you back on Real Roads!!


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