Colter’s Hell

Today, we’re off to visit Colter’s Hell, once thought to be a mythical place of fire and brimstone.

Today we call it Yellowstone, and although Paleo-Indians were familiar with the area more than 10,000 years ago, incredibly the first detailed survey of what is now the Park wasn’t conducted until 1869 by three privately funded explorers.

There are five of us, and we don’t have squat for funding, but we’ll also be exploring the area today and tomorrow. We are astutely aware that the area is also known in popular culture as a “supervolcano” with three previously-known eruptions occurring roughly 600,000-800,000 years apart. The most recent of these occurred about 640,000 years ago and it may be due to blow again soon, but most scientists agree it won’t be until next Monday at the earliest so we should be well clear by then.

The weather forecast for today is sunny in the mid-70s, but tomorrow may bring showers with a high in the low-50s! We expect to work our way towards Cody, WY on Friday where, if the timing works out, we’ll take in a rodeo and try to win a belt buckle.

10 thoughts on “Colter’s Hell”

  1. Please don’t enter the bull riding contest. I want you guys to make it back to Virginia.
    How was it crossing the wash out?


  2. So looks like u are taking the northern route across country. South Dakota Iowa etc.

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