Car Wash

We couldn’t get a note off to everyone this morning but we’ve stopped for lunch and wanted to update everyone on our progress.

Yesterday we had a nice tour of a portion of the lower loop of Yellowstone, including (of course) Old Faithful. We departed there this morning, waking up to the coolest morning we’ve had so far and we dressed in layers based on the forecast. We also had our rain gear standing by since the forecast called for scattered showers.

The showers did turn out to be scattered but we were able to find them all so we’ll chalk that up to washing the cars for the first time of the tour.

The climb out from Yellowstone through Sylvan Pass (el. 8,530′) was beautiful and the cars behaved well. We’re now enjoying lunch outside the east entrance of Yellowstone at a great little place called Pahaska Tepee Resort. Certainly worth the stop for the bison burger and friendly staff.

Sylvan Pass
Bison burger at Pahaska Tepee Resort

We’ll depart here to hopefully meet up with an old friend we’ve just met, Scott Conger, who’s been extremely helpful with our route planning and Model T field service.

More this evening.

5 thoughts on “Car Wash”

  1. You can spend days in Yellowstone, one of my favorite places I’ve ever been. It’s so diverse and absolutely beautiful.


  2. What a great trip. So glad you are finds the way to deal with hills, up and down. I’ve been on many tours, even done 220 Miles one day, but I ended up exhausted and that was paved “Mexican” roads, never mind dirt best to hold it down to about 100 and then it’s a vacation. Have fun.


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