Can Anyone Identify This?

Yeah, so this happened today…..

Does anyone know of an engine+transmission assembly for sale that could get to central South Dakota soon? 🙂

17 thoughts on “Can Anyone Identify This?”

    1. Brother Doug might be able to pull the engine from the Model A Doodlebug as a loaner to get you home if that would help… Definitely outside my area of expertise.


  1. 😦
    I’ve called all around and am starting to contact folks you’ve already spoken to, so we probably have bases covered. Now it’s a waiting game…


  2. There was an engine/transmission listed in classifieds that never appeared to be sold. Located in Minnesota. ‭(269) 424-6265‬ Number listed for the owner.



  3. What a friend/ guy Scott is. I would like to meet him sometime. A real T guy. I belong to the 2 piece club also.

    Best of luck. Roy

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  4. I know a guy that’s out of town for awhile that has a nice P/W on his T-6 I may be able to get it for ya while his neighbors not looking.

    Good luck, sorry to hear bad news.

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  5. Pretty sure they don’t have that at the local Autozone. So, if you leave most of the luggage (one extra pair underwear per man) can you all make it to VA in one T? 😮


  6. Wow! Sorry you broke the crank shaft! Only thing good about it was it wasnt done in your plane. Anything I can help with, Im standing by amigos-

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