En Route Update

We’re making decent time heading south east today in the ’10, although it’s pretty warm and we’re fighting a southern wind blowing at 20 mph, gusting to 30. The bad news is we’re skirting along the northern edges of all the freshly manured fields. We also spent some time getting to know each other and it turns out we both grew up in the same town.

Outside Murdo, SD
Don’t let the bend in the road fool you. Where we’re going is straight ahead.

Our route had us taking a few more dirt roads, this time passing through Ideal, SD.

The Ideal Presbyterian church and post office.

Finally, as we just passed through Colome, we thought we should stop and get some culture at the local museum.

No caption necessary.

One thought on “En Route Update”

  1. Glad to see you’re back in the road. The other T can always trailer back and re join after repairs. I look forward to this everyday. To see where your at and your travels. Get History. Cause my plan is do do what your doing someday. Already building a spare engine.


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