On the Road Again

At approximately 12:34 Saturday we departed Murdo, SD in the direction of O’Neill, NE.

Murdo behind us.

It’s more lonely than ever out here now that the most senior and most junior of the travelers are no longer with us, but man, these wide open spaces make you want to stay out here forever. We’re on an access road next to I-90 before peeling off back into the country and having just driven the four-hour round trip to the Rapid City Airport this morning in a modern car (where we experienced our third flat of the trip) we can tell you the traffic on I-90 is missing the best part of the country only a few miles away.

7 thoughts on “On the Road Again”

  1. An accepted fact Jon. Like granny use to say: Interstate highways remind her of Gramps ;gets ther quickly and utterly boring!🙈

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    1. Apologies for not being more clear….the two youngest also flew home. With our spare parts and light luggage there’s really only room for two. But we’ll have them back out on the road again soon…they had a blast along the way and were sad to see it end, as we all were.


  2. Make sure everyone checks out Nico’s log on the trip. His perspective and writing skills are wonderful, as well as the great stream of photos he provided along the way.
    Good luck on the trip home !


  3. I wish you had a Flashing Amber light on the rear of your T while on the road. I have a couple T friends having been rear ended & It wasn’t good.
    Wishing you safe travels.


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