Eastward, Ho!

As we write this, the Missouri River to which the Yellowstone River is the largest tributary by volume, lies behind us to the West.

We crossed, as promised, at Decatur, NE and are now rolling along the Loess Scenic Highway in Iowa, made possible by a generous donation of ground dust from the last glacial maxima about 22,000 years ago.

Our plan will be to continue on towards either Carroll or slightly farther to Jefferson, depending on whether we can make it to the Carroll Brewing Company before it closes. If you don’t hear from us this evening, we’re in Carroll.

The drive in Nebraska took us through the quiet towns of Pilger, Wisner, Beemer, Bancroft and Lyons.

Pilger, NE
Wisner, NE
Beemer, NE
Bancroft, NE
Lyons, NE

Interestingly, Bancroft is home to the eponymous John G. Neihardt State Historic Site, recognizing Nebraska’s Poet Laureate in Perpetuity, although we must admit we did not stop to visit as the Missouri River was calling.

In Decatur, while getting gas before The Crossing, photographer Elmer Smith found interest in the ’10 and broke out his Mamiya 220 to snap some pictures.

Local photographer Elmer Smith captures the ‘10 on film.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge all the friendly drivers in Nebraska who have been giving us the finger all day. This apparently customary wave between two oncoming cars consists of raising the index finger of whichever hand happens to be at the top off the steering wheel when passing, thus acknowledging their approval of the ’10. A fine custom indeed!

10 thoughts on “Eastward, Ho!”

  1. The local custom of having one’s hand strategically placed on top of the steering wheel makes the shortest route for that hand to make to the Proboscis to retrieve chosen kernels of “corn”. Lotta pickin up yonder!🤠

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    1. Same thing occurred to me, Chris, but the corn seems a little taller in Beemer photo, so it must have been taken later, considering Model T time was a factor.

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  2. Got a good laugh about getting the finger! Do you know that Model T Haven is in Iola, KS? Maybe on your way, or not? Five acres of T parts…not that you need any more parts…rumored to be made up of entirely rust-free California T’s that only made it as far as Kansas…

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  3. They should call NE state the Cornhushers??? Too bad little Iowa produces more corn!!

    Looking forward to ore amazing pictures


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