Hello, Burlington Birds!

We’re here safe and sound in Burlington, IA, and today’s trip can be summed up as one for the birds.

Attacking the corn pests.
A lazy flyby this afternoon.
A visitor while pumping gas.

Tomorrow we’ll cross the Mississippi River and make a run for Indiana. We figure we have about 900 miles to go, which means two more oil changes and, hopefully, tonight will be our last night of laundry!

As always, more to follow…

5 thoughts on “Hello, Burlington Birds!”

  1. It is going to get hot out. 90’s forecast for Indiana. You might need to do laundry again unless you buy disposable clothing. Are you heading to Wisconsin or going south through Illinois? Love reading your posts.


  2. Flying with the birds and the Air Tractors today – looks like over 260 miles !
    You sure you wouldn’t rather be crop dusters ?


  3. Really have been enjoying reading of your travels. I have enjoyed a few long tours with my Dad in his 1910, so can relate to the uniqueness of long days in an early T.


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