Richmond and Springfield

For those of you keeping score at home, you know we’re on a quest to make it to Virginia. We’re happy to report that today we arrived in Richmond and then completed the drive to Springfield, passing the 3,000 mile mark for the trip since we left Bakersfield.

Richmond, Indiana is home to the Model T Ford Club of America and their Model T Museum. Springfield, Ohio is where we’ll be spending the night tonight before continuing on through Ohio tomorrow.

At the Model T Museum.

We had always planned on visiting the Model T Museum, but we couldn’t commit to a particular date. As it turns out, this week is the MTFCA National Tour in Richmond so there were literally a hundred other Model Ts flitting around the city, although we didn’t cross paths with them all.

Who we did cross paths with were Dianna Pappin, Susan Yeager and Justin Mitchell, who all welcomed us to the museum before Justin took the time to give us a personal tour of the museum and the annex across the street.

Justin explains how to install our new set of Staude wheels designed for the Model T.

Admittedly, we can only scratch the surface answering questions from everyone who writes in, so for those of you that still have questions about Model Ts of any year, contact Justin; he’s a walking Ford encyclopedia who’s taking his girlfriend on vacation to Florida…to see the Edison and Ford Winter Estates.

We were sorry we couldn’t stay for this evening’s parade but with several hours of daylight left hanging in the sky we really needed to be moving on, which we did to Springfield, OH.

Same story, different city. This time being chased out of Richmond, IN.

Tomorrow we’ll plan on heading on across Ohio but first we have to do our research on which route we want to take based on the hills/mountains in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. We’ll keep everyone posted on what we decide.

14 thoughts on “Richmond and Springfield”

      1. Always fun to exercise the old noggin…don’t hesitate to call into the support line…press one for english…

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  1. I grew up in Urbana, and then high school years in Springfield…..I actually lived on the east side….a little town called Harmony. Fond memories…..and legend has it that Bart Simpson is from there.

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  2. If you are passing through or near Luray VA please stop by and visit us at Fairview Grocery. If you need any maintainance or repairs we may be able to help with that also.
    Have safe travels .


    1. It looks like we’ll be passing to the north of Luray, closer to Front Royal, but not really sure yet. It depends where the mountains kick us out in the Virginia side! If we’re close, though, we’ll make the effort!


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