11 thoughts on “Tour Update”

  1. We’ve enjoyed your trip, photos, and commentary immensely. I’m hoping you’ll do a summary (review, synopsis?) of your trip after you’ve had a few days to rest up and reflect on how things went.

    I may have missed it in the very beginning, but would it be possible for you to post a photo of the original group with names or responsibilities. I don’t know who the “older” bothers are, what the Bakersfield connection is, and who writes the blog (maybe both of you?). We’ve enjoyed the facts/humor/photos so much but don’t know who’s responsible.

    Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your trip! Take care. Your boys will remember this trip forever.

    Bob and Marilyn Bishop

    San Diego, CA




    1. Thank you for following! We’re not home yet, but hope to be tonight. We’ll probably take tonight off and then recap today’s events, plus make sure to summarize our lessons learned.
      As for who’s doing the writing, we’ll just leave that to the imagination but it was a team effort for sure.
      One of our earliest posts has a picture of everyone, but the two of us driving now are brothers, and our dad left with the two youngest after the ‘11 went down. The older brothers were our dad and his brother who visited us in Bakersfield to see us off. Bakersfield was selected because a lift of opportunity was going there with some other cars, so we sent ours along, too.
      Thanks once again, and more to follow…


  2. Guys: congrats on a fantastic voyage across America. Outstanding to be able to watch your progress and hi(low)jinks along the way! Thanks for sharing this venture.


  3. Great job all the way bros ! – if you had known how much easier the rest of the trip would be, maybe could have towed the ’11 home. But then, that really would have been a bad idea, so forget it.


  4. Well Shoot!

    SO we’re all very happy and thankful it looks like you made it to the finish line of your trip, But I know I’ll certainly miss reading about and seeing some great pictures of your adventure. I think we should nominate somebody else to start out on another trip? I nominate Scott!

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